Using AEM Forms to implement online credit card and personal loan application forms a bank

Using AEM Forms to implement online credit card and personal loan application forms a bank

Customer Introduction:
The customer is a leading financial services group in Hong Kong that offers banking, insurance, financial, and other related services in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China.

Solution: AEM Forms

Customer Challenge
Customer faced the challenge of transforming their credit card and P-loan application processes to an online form. They needed to enhance flexibility, deliver the form on both web and mobile apps, and integrate with Transunion’s Identity Verification Solutions for seamless online user identification.

Our Solution
Leadstec leveraged Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms to seamlessly build end-to-end registration and enrollment experiences for Customer. AEM Forms centralized the creation and management of reusable forms and document content, allowing the bank to easily rate customer credit records and enable effortless online credit card and personal loan applications. The solution achieved paperless processing, saving time and cost for the bank. The visual operations within AEM Forms empowered both business and IT departments to make quick modifications to form content without any need for code changes, greatly enhancing authoring efficiency.

With the implementation of AEM Forms, customer successfully transitioned their credit card and P-loan applications to online forms. The paperless processing of business improved customer satisfaction, as clients could now apply for credit cards and personal loans from the comfort of their homes, without having to physically visit the bank. The powerful form reporting function provided a comprehensive evaluation of detailed fields and usage, allowing the bank to analyze abandonment rates and track key performance indicators throughout the entire process. This data-driven approach provided valuable insights for feasible improvement content, resulting in an improved business transaction success rate. The solution offered high quality, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and all types of business processes. Overall, customer achieved a successful digital transformation and enhanced customer experience with Leadstec’s assistance and AEM Forms integration.

Credit Card and Personal Loan Application Forms for a Bank