Precise Marketing for WeChat Official Accounts

Adobe Campaign Connector's WeChat Connector

Since Adobe did not provide a connector for Adobe Campaign to WeChat, many of our clients needed to send WeChat messages through Adobe Campaign. Therefore, our company developed this connector between Adobe Campaign and WeChat, integrating Adobe Campaign with WeChat's official account, achieving precise marketing.

Adobe Campaign Connector's WeChat Connector

Product Features

Unified Management of Multiple Accounts

Unified Management of Multiple Accounts 01

Our Connector supports one-click authorization via QR code scanning, allowing you to swiftly create multiple WeChat public accounts. You can effortlessly switch between managing multiple accounts, including materials management, user management, data synchronization, and marketing campaign management.

Import and Segment WeChat User Data

Import and Segment WeChat User Data 02

With this feature, you can import users from different WeChat public accounts and merge them with your CRM user data. You can refine user information and filter users based on multiple dimensions, such as gender, occupation, location, age, loyalty, and more.

WeChat Graphic Editor

WeChat Graphic Editor 03

Our platform supports one-click importing of WeChat graphic messages. The online graphic editor provides numerous material templates and a variety of image galleries. This user-friendly feature allows marketers to easily create attractive graphics and preview editing effects in real-time.

Campaign Workflow

Campaign Workflow 04

The Adobe Campaign workflow now includes a WeChat channel. You can arrange marketing activities for WeChat public accounts through a visual workflow canvas, sending personalized content to different WeChat users.

Cross-Account Synchronized Messaging

Cross-Account Synchronized Messaging 05

Send the same message across multiple accounts, saving time on content creation and editing. This feature supports sending WeChat mass messages and template messages.

Marketing Data Analytics

Marketing Data Analytics 06

Synchronize and acquire data reports from WeChat public accounts and use Adobe Campaign's graphical interface for multi-dimensional analysis of marketing interactions.

Product Advantages

Personalized WeChat Marketing

Based on rich data points and powerful customer segmentation, marketers can provide personalized experiences, offering WeChat users unique customer journeys.

Personalized Engagement

Deliver personalized marketing messages to your WeChat audience, improving engagement and customer loyalty.

Data-Driven Campaigns

With Adobe Campaign's analytics, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your WeChat marketing campaigns, improving ROI.

Visualized Marketing Management

Arrange WeChat public account marketing activities using the visual workflow canvas. Track interactive metrics and measure the effects of marketing campaigns throughout the user journey.

Product Demo

See how our WeChat Connector works with Adobe Campaign Classic in this video.

Our Services

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

We offer guidance on developing effective, targeted marketing strategies for the WeChat platform using Adobe Campaign.

WeChat Connector Implementation

WeChat Connector Implementation

Our team helps in the successful setup and integration of the WeChat Connector in your Adobe Campaign, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Performance Analysis and Optimization

Performance Analysis and Optimization

Our team conducts regular campaign performance reviews and provides insights for optimization, driving better engagement and results on WeChat.



We provide in-depth training to enable your team to effectively use the WeChat Connector and manage your WeChat marketing campaigns.

Custom Analysis Reports

Custom Analysis Reports

We offer customized multi-dimensional graphical analysis interfaces based on your needs. Combining extensive experience, we provide beneficial suggestions for our customers.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the WeChat Connector continues to function optimally in your Adobe Campaign.