The WeChat Official Account platform integrated with AEM

AEM and WeChat Connector

AEM and WeChat Connector is a robust solution that integrates the efficient management capabilities of the AEM digital marketing platform with WeChat, one of the world's leading social communication platforms. Through this integration, businesses can conveniently manage multiple WeChat official accounts, customize interactive menus, set up automatic replies, deliver group messages, and gain insight from comprehensive user analytics.

AEM and WeChat Connector

Product Features

Centralized management of multiple accounts

Centralized management of multiple accounts 01

Through the WeChat official account module in the AEM digital marketing management platform, existing service or subscription accounts can be easily bound and multiple WeChat official accounts can be managed centrally, efficiently and conveniently.

Customized menu

Customized menu 02

Customize the menu of the WeChat official account, including creating menus, editing menu content, menu sorting, deleting menus, publishing, etc. The menu content and form are diverse, including text, images, voice, video, and web pages or mini-programs to which users can be redirected.

Automatic replies

Automatic replies 03

Automatic replies are divided into three categories: keyword replies, received message replies, and follow-up replies. Keyword replies automatically respond with information corresponding to the keyword when the user's message matches the preset keywords. If the user's message is not matched with a corresponding keyword, a general message is sent. Follow-up replies are the messages that the user receives after first subscribing. The automatic reply mechanism can greatly improve marketing and maintenance efficiency, and interact with users in a timely and effective manner.

Group messaging

Group messaging 04

Create marketing content such as single or multiple graphic messages, text, images, voice, video, etc., preview the content, and send to different users by grouping according to user tags, gender, or country/region. You can also choose to schedule group messaging for any time within the next five minutes, today, or tomorrow.

User management

User management 05

View the personal information of all subscribed users, search for users using keywords, manage user tags individually or in bulk, create user groups, modify user comments, and blacklist users.

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis 06

User analysis allows you to view the number of new subscribers, unsubscribers, and total subscribers weekly, monthly, or at custom intervals, and compare and analyze user attributes, including gender, language, and region. Graphic analysis allows you to view the number of messages delivered, read, and shared weekly, monthly, or at custom intervals. The query results can be exported as tables for further data analysis.

Product Advantages

Deep integration with AEM

Use AEM Assets to centrally manage WeChat official account material assets, including graphics, images, videos, audios, etc., and call the material via WeChat official account's customized menu, automatic replies, group messaging, etc., making it applicable to multiple accounts.

Comprehensive communication

Enterprises can use WeChat official accounts to communicate with all subscribers or specific users via text, images, voice, or video in a comprehensive manner, forming a mainstream online and offline WeChat interactive marketing mode to enhance user stickiness.

Complete service process

Help enterprises build a complete service process from content development to user management to marketing analysis, bridging the entire process. By deeply tapping into mobile traffic and gaining more users through WeChat official accounts, brand value can be spread.

Flexible permission management

With the help of AEM's original permission management mechanism, the permissions of the WeChat official account module can be flexibly set. Only managers with authorized management rights for the module can access and use it, and hierarchical management ensures information security.

Product Demo

See how our WeChat Connector works with AEM in this video.

Our Services

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Our experienced team provides strategic consulting to help you leverage the WeChat Connector to its fullest in Adobe Experience Manager. We assess your business goals and formulate tailored strategies to drive effective content creation and delivery on WeChat.

WeChat Connector Implementation

WeChat Connector Implementation

We facilitate a smooth and successful integration of the WeChat Connector in your Adobe Experience Manager system. Our team ensures that your business can effortlessly manage and deliver content on WeChat via AEM.

Content Strategy Consulting

Content Strategy Consulting

With our comprehensive understanding of Adobe Experience Manager and WeChat's unique ecosystem, we provide expert consulting on developing effective content strategies. We help you create engaging and personalized content that resonates with your WeChat audience.



To ensure the business security of the numerous public accounts we host, we encrypt messages during the transmission process.

Custom Analysis Reports

Custom Analysis Reports

Our services include the generation of custom analysis reports that provide actionable insights into your content performance on WeChat. These reports help you understand your audience engagement and optimize your content strategy.

Support And Maintenance

Support And Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the WeChat Connector's optimal performance in your Adobe Experience Manager system. Our team is always ready to address any issues and provide solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operations.