Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) of the Hong Kong government is a funding scheme designed to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to utilize technological services and solutions to enhance productivity or upgrade and transform their business processes. Currently, each company/organization can obtain a maximum cumulative funding limit of HKD 600,000, with the subsidy amount not exceeding 75% of the project cost and can apply for up to 6 projects. TVP provides a great opportunity for SMEs in Hong Kong to optimize their operations through tech-driven solutions, adapt to rapid market changes, and enhance competitiveness.

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Our Application Service

Thorough analysis of your business

Thorough analysis of your business

Our team will thoroughly understand your business and development needs in order to provide the most suitable advice to enhance your business by making the best use of government funding.

Business proposals writing for you

Business proposals writing for you

LEADSTEC assists organizations in writing application proposals, ensuring that the content of the applications is accurate and precise.

End-to-end application follow-up

End-to-end application follow-up

Many businesses find the application process and document requirements cumbersome. LEADSTEC assigns dedicated personnel to handle each case and follow up on the application progress, making it easy for clients to obtain funding.

Service provider matching for projects

Service provider matching for projects

LEADSTEC has an extensive network of service providers, offering different references and program analyses for various technology solutions.

Project progress monitoring

Project progress monitoring

Our team closely monitors the development progress of projects to ensure that the proposed solutions meet the requirements of the business and the application within the specified timeframe.

Accounting audit and report submission

Accounting audit and report submission

Upon project completion, multiple reports need to be submitted as evidence. LEADSTEC assists organizations in handling and submitting these reports, ensuring the completion of the entire application process.

The solutions you can choose

ERP System

An integrated system that combines key business functions like finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, services, and procurement to enhance management quality.

Mobile App

A smartphone application that offers convenience, increases sales, and improves customer interaction.

Website Design and Development

Creating visually appealing and user-friendly online platforms to establish a professional online presence and drive conversions.

E-commerce System

Enables businesses to sell products or services online, expanding their customer base and revenue potential.

Booking System

Online platform for managing and accepting reservations or appointments, streamlining processes and improving customer satisfaction.

CRM System

A system for effectively managing, analyzing, and improving customer relationships, boosting marketing, sales, and after-sales service capabilities.

Why choose us?

Extensive Application Experience

With extensive application experience, Leadstec has aided numerous clients in successfully applying for TVP technology vouchers. We guarantee application success and does not charge a fee for unsuccessful applications.

A Wealth of IT Solutions

Leadstec has a wealth of IT solutions and many years of experience developing software and websites. We can undoubtedly come up with the perfect option for you.

Professional TVP Consultant

Our professional technology voucher consultants will provide you with free advice and will be able to find out a suitable solution for your business.

Assist You with Every Step

We can assist you with every step of the application procedure, which include creating a proposal, locating several quotations, responding to examiner questions, etc.

Successful Cases

Contact Our TVP Consultant

We are here to understand your needs, identify the best technologies for your business, and guide you in successfully applying for the Technology Voucher Program (TVP). Feel free to contact us for more information about TVP and how we can assist you.