Online Forms Design and Development For A Tourism Promotion Organization

Online Forms Design and Development For A Tourism Promotion Organization

Customer Introduction:
Our client is a tourism promotion entity under the Hong Kong government. They aim to highlight Hong Kong's cultural, culinary, shopping, and entertainment offerings. Their mission is to boost Hong Kong's tourism industry, stimulate economic growth, and create jobs through extensive marketing activities and promotions to attract both domestic and international visitors.

Solution: UI/UX Design, AEM Forms, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics

UI/UX Design with AEM Forms
Harnessing the flexibility and versatility of AEM Forms, we create responsive online forms tailored to our clients’ needs. During the design and the early HTML stages of website development, we conduct several rounds of focus groups to gather valuable input from end users. Throughout such projects, we foster a close collaboration with the client’s IT team, working hand in hand on every possible detail.

HKTB AEM Form Case 1

AEM Forms Development and Integration

AEM Forms is a comprehensive solution, encompassing form creation, customization, management, automation, and integration.

It offers robust form design tools, empowering users to create interactive forms, including digital forms, electronic signature forms, and mobile forms. These forms can be designed using a graphical interface with a drag-and-drop functionality, enabling the addition of fields, validation rules, conditional logic, and styling to meet specific business requirements.

Moreover, AEM Forms provides extensive capabilities for form management and customization. Users can establish workflows, set permissions, and apply version control for forms, ensuring accuracy and security.

Furthermore, AEM Forms supports multi-channel delivery, facilitating the publication of forms in multiple formats such as HTML, PDF, and mobile apps to cater to diverse user needs. It also integrates Google reCAPTCHA v3, offering an added layer of protection against fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse.

Analytics Integration (Adobe Analytics & Google Analytics)

In AEM Forms, we integrate both Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics to capture real-time data from users filling out forms, enabling an in-depth understanding and analysis of user activity.

We tailor and construct a form analysis dashboard that mirrors the forms’ features, including the total number of forms submitted, the number of views for each topic, the completion rate, and more. This dashboard aids operators in thoroughly analyzing the process of users browsing and filling out forms, which in turn allows for optimization of form content design and an increase in form completion rate.

Furthermore, Leadstec has developed a form data export tool that facilitates the export of data in Excel format. This allows customers to export Excel files at any time and review each record filled out by users.

HKTB AEM Form Case 2

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