Hong Kong Tourism Promotion Website Development And Integration With Multiple Systems

Hong Kong Tourism Promotion Website Development And Integration With Multiple Systems

Customer Introduction:
Our client is a tourism promotion organization under the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government. They are committed to showcasing Hong Kong's rich cultural heritage, unique urban landscapes, diverse culinary and shopping experiences, as well as its vibrant arts and entertainment activities. Their mission is to drive the development of the tourism industry in Hong Kong, increase tourism revenue, promote economic growth, and create employment opportunities.

Solution: AEM Sites, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics

Customer Challenge:

  • Integration AEM with SSO platform
  • Integration AEM with e-Coupon platform
  • Language support for Arabic
  • Customer implementation of Baidu Map and Google Map
  • Web Accessibility
  • Google Analytics 4 upgrade
  • Content input for 21 sites

Our Solution

1. Integration AEM with SSO platform: To allow users to access multiple applications and systems using one set of credentials, many companies choose to implement single sign-on (SSO) platforms. SSO platforms employ robust security measures to protect user credentials and ens ure secure access to applications. By centralizing authentication and authorization processes, businesses can enforce stronger security controls, such as multi-factor authentication, to safeguard sensitive data and mitigate the risks of password-related vulnerabilities. For development teams, an SSO platform can significantly decrease IT support costs and helpdesk workload. Additionally, the streamlined authentication process saves time for both users and IT administrators, resulting in increased operational efficiency.

Leadstec assists customers integrate AEM with the SSO platform, which allows users to switch between the AEM website and the e-Coupon platform without additional login. This eliminates the need to remember and manage multiple usernames and passwords, streamlining the login process and enhancing the user experience.

2. Integration AEM with e-Coupon platform: In order to promote the development of the city’s tourism industry, tourism promotion agencies, together with merchants across the city, issue coupons for retail, catering, hotels, scenic spots and other electronic consumption to tourists. To this end, the client created an e-Coupon platform, and Leadstec is responsible for integrating it with the AEM website, so that it can be widely disseminated through digital channels such as the website, attracting passengers from all over the world to participate in rich marketing activities, thereby increasing the participation of passengers and satisfaction.

We also face some difficulties and challenges in the process of integration.
Since the rules and conditions of e-coupons are very complex, such as minimum purchase requirements, use restrictions and expiration dates, etc., this requires our development team to work closely with the customer’s business team to clearly define various coupon rules and conditions to ensure and a good understanding of these rules during development. Design a clear and easy-to-understand coupon interface to let customers intuitively understand the available coupons and related rules during the shopping process.

In order to guarantee the quality and rigor of website visits, we have conducted sufficient use case testing, security testing and performance testing to find and fix any errors or problems that may arise during the process. Our development team has written detailed technical documents to record the implementation and logic of each coupon rule. In addition, train relevant personnel so that they can effectively manage and answer questions customers encounter when using coupons.A Tourism Promotion Website Development 1

3. Language support for Arabic: Since Arabic is a language written from right to left, hence the website’s overall layout needs to accommodate RTL (Right-to-Left Layout) layout. Our front-end developers have custom coded that all page elements, navbars, sidebars, buttons, etc. are arranged from right to left. Our testers have also conducted extensive testing to ensure correct display and compatibility of Arabic text across different browsers, devices and operating systems.
A Tourism Promotion Website Development 2

4. Custome implementation of Baidu Map and Google Map: Leadstec integrates the APIs of Baidu Maps and Google Maps into the map component of AEM. By customizing the map colors, markers and icons, the traditional map becomes more beautiful, so that many tourist attraction pages with different themes can be built.

We have developed and implemented a custom overlay function to implement custom overlays on the map, such as polygons, polylines or circles, to highlight areas, routes or boundaries.

We’ve developed and implemented custom interactions such as custom info windows, popups, or tooltips to display additional information when a user clicks on a map marker or specific area.

In addition, optimizing the performance of the map is also one of our key tasks to ensure that the map loads and navigates smoothly, especially when dealing with a large number of markers or overlays.

A Tourism Promotion Website Development 3

5. Web Accessibility: Leadstec is committed to making website accessible to all users, by referencing to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA criteria. We work together with our customers to make websites barrier-free, to ensure information are readily accessible and enhance the user experience.A Tourism Promotion Website Development 4

6. Google Analytics 4 Upgrade: Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a new generation of analytics platform launched by Google. We help customers upgrade and replace the old version of Universal Analytics (UA), including resetting tracking codes, redefining goals and conversions, and adjusting reports and analysis. GA4 adopts an event-driven data model, which is different from the data model of the old version of UA. Our developers need to redesign data collection and tracking strategies to ensure that all user interactions and actions are converted into appropriate events and sent to GA4 correctly. In addition, since the historical data on UA cannot be directly migrated, our developers need to convert and export historical data.

By upgrading to GA4, users can obtain richer and more in-depth user behavior data and analysis, better optimize websites or applications, and provide better user experience.
A Tourism Promotion Website Development 5

7. Content translation and content input for 21 sites:
Leadstec utilizes AEM’s Live Copy feature to help clients quickly establish websites in different languages to meet the access needs of global travelers.

AEM’s Live Copy feature is highly suitable for managing multilingual websites, allowing content to be synchronized between the main site and various language-specific sites. With simple operations, content from the main site can be quickly copied to other language sites, eliminating manual copy-paste steps, saving time and effort, and ensuring content consistency and accuracy.

In addition, the Live Copy feature is flexible, enabling customization and modifications to meet specific requirements in different countries or regions. Leadstec is responsible for content translation and content input in these different languages.
A Tourism Promotion Website Development 6

We have established a long-term and friendly partnership with our clients, leveraging products like Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and AEM Forms to build their official website. Through these tools, we simplify the process of creating, managing, and delivering content for their promotional sites, enabling quick market deployment and ensuring consistent user experiences across all devices.

Our experienced Leadstec architects provide personalized 1-on-1 maintenance and support services to our clients. We conduct periodic site management training sessions for their operational and IT teams based on their specific requirements. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality services, enabling our clients to fully harness the power of these robust tools to drive business growth and enhance user experiences.

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