The integration of Adobe Experience Manager and AWS in Content Hub

Expanding delivery channels through the integration of Adobe Experience Manager and AWS in Content Hub

Project Introduction: We transformed our client's website into a dynamic content hub on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), enabling seamless access to the latest tourism information across many markets and languages.

Solutions: AEM Assets, AWS

Customer Challenge:

Our client is a tourism promotion entity. The customer’s challenge was to broaden their tourism information delivery channels by providing approved external sources access to their Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) page content. This required overcoming technical hurdles related to data storage in AEM, ensuring secure access for external parties, and maintaining optimal performance under heavy network traffic.

Our Solution:

Leadstec provided end-to-end solutions for the AEM content hub project, covering consultation, project management, design and development, platform setup and integration, maintenance, and reporting.

Recognizing the diverse data storage within AEM, Leadstec engineered separate Web services APIs tailored to each data type. These APIs deliver content in English, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese, exclusively accessible to approved external parties. To uphold performance amidst heavy traffic, Leadstec implemented a robust infrastructure comprising AWS API Gateway, Lambda, Request Cache, Local Cache, CloudFront CDN, and AEM Dispatcher. Rigorous performance and stress testing, along with meticulous error resolution, ensured seamless operation.


The AEM Content Hub project facilitated interaction between our client and business partners, enhancing brand visibility and authority. By establishing the website as a trusted source in the travel industry through APIs, the content hub empowered our client and their business partners to form deeper connections.