Using AEM in simplifying page creation process & unifying content management across global websites

Using AEM in simplifying page creation process & unifying content management across global websites

Customer Introduction:
Our client is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The company is renowned for its high-performance, high-quality, and good-priced smartphones. Their smartphones have got widespread attention and affection from consumers around the globe.

Solution: AEM Sites

Customer’s Problems
The customer has difficulties to manage the collaboration between different departments. Their marketing team struggled to streamline approval and publication workflows, resulting in slow content updates. Additionally, the company needed to efficiently manage content translation across multiple global sites to cater different countries and languages.

Our Solution
We implemented Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to build customer’s official website, providing a comprehensive solution to optimize the work collaboration. By using the modular components, we customized the approval and publication workflows, streamlined the  content management and rapid updates. Moreover, by integrating customer’s internal translation systems with AEM, we enabled quick translation and updates for all global sites.

By utilizing AEM, Leadstec successfully optimized collaboration across various departments of their clients. Modular components and customized workflows improved coordination and teamwork within the organization. The efficient management and rapid updating of website content led to increased productivity for the marketing team.

Furthermore, the centralized management of website content allowed clients to swiftly translate between multiple languages, saving significant time and efforts. Through the integration of an internal translation system and intelligent CMS technology, the company could swiftly publish new web pages while ensuring high quality and consistency.

Overall, the implementation of AEM resulted in significant progress for the client’s website development and page updates. This success not only enhanced collaboration and productivity but also elevated brand value and user experience. In the future, our collaboration with the client aims to continually leverage advanced technology to provide high-quality products and services to a broader user base.

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