Using AEM and Magento to build a diversified online shopping platform in Hong Kong

Using AEM and Magento to build a diversified online shopping platform in Hong Kong

Customer Introduction:
The customer is under the leading telecommunications service provider in Hong Kong, offering diversified online shopping platforms to provide extended discounts, convenient shopping experiences and more rewards for their customers.

Solution: AEM Sites, Magento

Customer Challenge
The customer faced the challenge of integrating their AEM and Magento platforms. They wanted to enable AEM pages to display e-commerce products and provide shopping functionalities seamlessly. The goal was to enhance user experience, improve code maintainability, and reduce operational personnel learning cost.

Our Solution
At Leadstec, we tackled the customer challenge by leveraging our expertise in AEM and Magento integration. We employed responsive HTML technology to ensure a flawless user experience across different devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. By following the reusability principle of AEM, we developed new features based on existing components, improving code maintainability and reducing the learning cost for operational personnel.

Leadstec successfully integrated AEM and Magento for the customer, allowing AEM pages to display e-commerce products and achieve shopping functions seamlessly. The project showcased the scalability and flexibility of Adobe products, earning us high praise and customer trust. Our solution not only created more beautiful and tidy interfaces for users but also provided a seamless online shopping experience. Customer’s website now offers a user-friendly platform for customers to browse and purchase products, driving improved engagement and increased conversion rates. Leadstec will continue to work hard to create more visually appealing and user-centric experiences for our clients.


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