Delivering Superior Digital Experience for a Top Automaker with AEM Sites

Delivering Superior Digital Experience for a Top Automaker with AEM Sites

Customer Introduction:
Our client is a subsidiary of a world-renowned automaker in the Chinese market. The brand is dedicated to delivering high-quality vehicles and an unparalleled automotive experience to its Chinese customers.

Solution: AEM Sites

Customer Challenge
Our client sought to provide a personalized, multichannel digital experience for their customers, presenting vehicle models, advertisements, service items, and more through various online channels. However, they also wanted to ensure quick responsiveness to marketing needs and high-quality output, without necessitating constant IT involvement.

Our Solution
Leadstec helped our client build their official website using Adobe Experience Manager Sites. This not only allowed them to personalize digital experiences across various channels like the internet, mobile devices, social media, and advertising, but also enabled their marketing personnel to easily release marketing content anytime without IT assistance. This streamlined the process, shortened the release time for new content, and reduced maintenance costs.

Delivering a Superior Digital Experience with Adobe Experience Manager Sites

As a result of this implementation, our client was able to rapidly respond to marketing needs, ensure high-quality content output, reduce maintenance costs, and create lifetime brand value. The website has significantly improved customer engagement and has strengthened our client’s position in the digital space.

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